Sunday, 22 April 2012

A promise

This week I will make on at least 3 days.

I will be out in the garden in the mornings, 6 - 7.30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (bit of kickboxing on the back to finish off) and gym on Tuesday and Thursday morning.

When I get back from work I will get crafty. Here's my first two days:

Monday: clean the sewing machine and move more stash to its new home. Then select a couple of makes and materials - possibly a needle book from nanaCompany I know they aren't difficult, I made a few as a kid. But I want to start doing something useful that would get me into using the machine a bit and maybe hand sewing again, these include both. I could even use the new machine foot and do some free motion embroidery! God knows I lose enough pins!

Tuesday: Select material and start first make - report back and don't forget the piccies!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Secret Easter Bunny swap

Well... I have had a couple of weeks.

I have lost internet for a week and been drive slightly batty by the presence of a square brown package sent to me by a Secret Easter Bunny from UKCraftsforum swap.

Now I can reveal what I got... and what I sent.

First what I received. A little bit of detective work tells me that Bodrighy made it, thanks Pete, they are lovely.

I know my chickens did not lay that yew egg. It's beautiful and I read the instructions carefully and have stroked and polished it, it works, I feel less stressed!
As for the mini vase (walnut) - it is lovely. I am going to make a little posy for it. I will make on later in the year form dried flowers I think. Meanwhile mini buttons might look OK.
As for what I made, well, what a trial! I had grandiose ideas and got the sewing machine all warmed up. But sadly nothing turned out as I wanted it. I now have some unfinished slightly clunky looking storage thingies sitting around... waiting.

So I sat down in something of a panic and thought... what on earth could I do? I twiddled and fussed and, to be honest, slightly panicked. Had I let myself get into a situation where I would have to let someone down? I hate that, really hate it!

I was sorting out my fabric stash into colourways and then moved onto the button tin when inspiration struck!

A little dab of glue and earrings arrived. A bit more and I had a brooch.

But it wasn't good enough. I needed more. I was twiddling and sorting and pondering when more buttons sort of fell into place. Some stringing elastic and all as done. I was a happy bunny!

But then doubt crept in. Was that really enough to send to a real, professional crafter? Noooooooooooooooo. Far too easy, small and insignificant. So I sat and continued to sort out the stashy overflow. 

Then I found something that made me think... plastic stuff, I think it is used for cross stitching. Why I have it I have no idea, I don't like doing cross stitch!! But it made me think..... what could I do with it?

 A happy thinking hour later I got to my bits box and contemplated the wire samples I got from Wires, could I string some buttons into a something? But a what? Ah ha! A pendant. Wire plus cross stich plastic stuff plus buttons and there you go! I was somewhat pleased with myself. Here is the collection complete, I hope my SEB receiver likes them!

 Oh, before I forget. Part of the SEB brief was to wrap the gift carefully or, if you can't, get someone to do it for you. Well I fall into the can't wrap to save my life category. So I had another problem. Then I remembered a giveway I had won. Kat from With U in Mind had sent the gift in two lovely little pockets, so I brazenly used one to package the buttony bits in. The colours were a perfect match, it felt like cheating, big time, but needs must and all!

Thank you Kat, I am very, very grateful, and not a little embarrassed!

I didn't stop there though. I had some green buttons I quite liked. But I couldn't find a lot of matching so I started again with some blue buttons. I have worn the set for about a week now and people comment on the pendant a lot, so I think I have found a 'thing' I could do more of.

All in all I really enjoyed the SEB swap. Thanks to Beads by Design for organising it. I loved the whole scary experience!