Saturday, 18 February 2012


Liebster Blog Award

I was a tad stunned to receive poke from Kat from With U in Mind.   She had decided to include me in her list of 5 small bloggers that inspire. Given that I am such a procrastinating blogger I was delighted that something I type and make makes someone smile! Thanks Kat xx

So there are some rules that go with this award. However they are nice rules. Not the kind that gives you urge to press the big red button saying 'please do not press'.

The rules for this award are:
1. You must link back to the person who gave it to you - yep, did that
2. Put the award on your blog - uh huh. Logo and link included
3. Pass it on to 5 other blogs who inspire you and have less than 200 followers  - ah!
4. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know - OK
5 blogs.... I don't really blog hop that much (she lies).

So here we go:

Dragonfly-Jersey you only have to look at my logo to know why. Sarah is so generous (and talented)

Handbags by Helen cos she makes great bags and laughs at my unsuccesful attempts not to leap in!

Amigurami Barmy well, you see bags and buttons.... they just fit. I don't know how Liz survives surounded by so many buttons and other crafty bitses...... I wouldn't be able to breathe!  I have updated this link, thanks Liz!!

Kayleigh's Homemade Life cos she has some great ideas and has been a bit quiet recently. Having nicked a couple of ideas I hope this says thanks!

The English Country Garden Steve's nan's recipes are great, I've made some, yum yum (and his wood stuff is brilliant too)

I'm now off to let them know... and set them the gnarly problem of picking 5 of their own!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Piglet Heaven

I hit a road of charity shops yesterday and sort of went a bit mad!

I left my name in 3, they are looking out semi rag woollies for me.

I spent about £30 (oops) and bought:
  • 5 woolly jumpers
  • 1 double duvet set
  • 1 set of curtains and tie backs
  • 8 place mats
  • 3 mini skirts
  • 2 woolly tweedy skirts, long, wrap overs
  • 6 bangles (handles to be)
  • 6 woolly mens scarves

So in order that's:
  • 5 more hat, scarflet and wrist warmer sets
  • loads of outers and linings for the bags I am not planning, the pillowcases are not pretty enough for summer dresses
  • Hats, scarf rings
  • Lots more storage cubes
  • 3 skirt bags
  • any number of lovely woolly things - to be decided (any help gratefully received)
  • handles
  • about 12 clutch bags or a few laptop bags

That reminds me I still need interfacing and fleece!

All cut off bits will be made into a variety of accessories. I saw some lovely hair clips this morning, teeny tiny and £8 each !!!!!!

So hair clips, pendants, cuffs, brooches, key charms, bag charms, page markers, glasses cases, pen cases, iphone/pad cases, pencil/needle wrap thingies and anything else I can think of.... unless you have any ideas of what to do with offcuts.

I hate to waste anything and am more than happy to sew the little bits together to make more material. I might even try out my arty side and make pretty things, pictures with free embroidery or even some weaving....

I'm off to load the washing machine with woollies and golf balls!

When it's all clean I shall take photies and start cutting!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Storage first

I know I need practice with the machine and I need some proper storage. SO I had to think about some straight line sewing.... cubes!

Old place mats
Sewing machine - I even tried a new stitch: over edge!

I seem to have quite a few of these and we don't use them any more. I have more, they need a wash and a good ironing before I can use them.

I simply drew a cross of 4inch squares.
Cut it out. Sewed over the two cut edges that would be the tops and then sewed up each side.

Then I filled them up! I have lots more stuff to house so I will be making a few more of these.

But I also want to have a look at denim versions and that door hanger of pockets! So I am having another root through my stash of materials before I go to work for an hour or so!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Birthday Bouquet

A colleague has decided that she loves the little flowers I have needle felted. As it is her birthday soon she has dropped one (un)subtle hint. So I have had a little stab or two this morning and completed a quartet of brooches for her.

The latest started life as a breakfast cereal box and ended up a bit pink!

I had also tried making little balls and stabbed them together into a sort of bobbly thing!  And I tried making a flower on a leaf - personally I think the leaf has more the look of a triceratop's frill, but I am assured it isn't that bad !

So.... here is the finished quartet. I hope you like it Vicky :)

Hopefully I will get on to the sewing machine this week as it is half term. I have a lot of things lined up to go!