Monday, 13 February 2012

Storage first

I know I need practice with the machine and I need some proper storage. SO I had to think about some straight line sewing.... cubes!

Old place mats
Sewing machine - I even tried a new stitch: over edge!

I seem to have quite a few of these and we don't use them any more. I have more, they need a wash and a good ironing before I can use them.

I simply drew a cross of 4inch squares.
Cut it out. Sewed over the two cut edges that would be the tops and then sewed up each side.

Then I filled them up! I have lots more stuff to house so I will be making a few more of these.

But I also want to have a look at denim versions and that door hanger of pockets! So I am having another root through my stash of materials before I go to work for an hour or so!


  1. I could do with some of those. I think my next obsession might be storage. Is it really sad that I like seeing pictures of other folks workrooms?

    1. I think I'll stick with storage for a while. The materials I have for bags is far too nice to mess up. So I will do all my practising on lesser materials like these. But I do have soooooooooo many bags in my mind (and stash). And no, I love snooping at other people's work space too. How do you think I was reminded about door hanging??

  2. I like your recyling ideas. Making the placemats into boxes is a great idea.