Friday, 18 December 2015

Another Year Ends... Another Idea Begins...

So, 2015 was quite exciting. I finally resigned as a teacher; I floated around, felt a bit lost and took some time to work out what I want to do; I researched a new business idea, did some training and am setting myself up in a new business; I finally got my crafting act out of neutral.

2016 promises to be fun. I have a couple of goals: Set up Stef Cooke Inventory Services (more to follow); to set up a small crafting business (again, more to follow) and to start sewing my own clothes RelovedSewing 

I shall post more as soon as I have content. But this blog shall be revitalised with tales of derring do, rather than relaxed reading. I shall bore any reader with pictures of charity shop and boot fair finds, daring refashions and adventures in recycling.

Well, I will once I have got Christmas out of the way :) 


Monday, 21 September 2015

All Change

Well! I did the Onion Fair and it was fun. I didn't sell much but did cover the table fee and paid for my lunch :)

I listened long and hard to the people who passed, many of whom were sewers. They liked the logo, liked the aprons but made their own of everything else. So they won't be my initial audience. Younger people liked the bright colours and took a card, many Nanas may be getting simple sewing items this Christmas - sorry!

But the most important thing was that I realised that I liked it and want to do more. So I will make another blog and I will separate my selling from my sewing, if you see what I mean. Here I will be starting a capsule wardrobe from scratch. That is drafting my own slopers, making my own clothes from new and refashioning second hand finds.

But as a teachery person (retired) I will find it really hard not to pass on all of the mistakes wisdom I gain from my attempts, so I will post about my Adventures in Sewing as I go!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hold that thought...

The Shambles
I know, it has been quite some time and I have been a very poor blogger. There is a reason for this, I have retired from teaching and am now setting up a small sewing/craft business. My Shabby Habby will be stocked in Sew Sew Studio which is in The Shambles in Newent. If you pop in you might find me there, sewing, smiling, stocking the shelves :)

Come and see me in Sew Sew Studio. If  I am not there, maybe Nic can help. She is a great seamstress and can alter anything to fit, make some great one off pieces and her kids clothing range is really cute. You can read more on Facebook Sew Sew Studio and I will be blogging much more to keep you up to date with all the changes that are in the pipeline.