Friday, 18 December 2015

Another Year Ends... Another Idea Begins...

So, 2015 was quite exciting. I finally resigned as a teacher; I floated around, felt a bit lost and took some time to work out what I want to do; I researched a new business idea, did some training and am setting myself up in a new business; I finally got my crafting act out of neutral.

2016 promises to be fun. I have a couple of goals: Set up Stef Cooke Inventory Services (more to follow); to set up a small crafting business (again, more to follow) and to start sewing my own clothes RelovedSewing 

I shall post more as soon as I have content. But this blog shall be revitalised with tales of derring do, rather than relaxed reading. I shall bore any reader with pictures of charity shop and boot fair finds, daring refashions and adventures in recycling.

Well, I will once I have got Christmas out of the way :) 



  1. Good luck with your ventures! Looking forward to reading all about them.