Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sorted most of the stash

Well I managed to sort through it. Dragged it up from the cellar, out from under the bed, washed it, folded it, stacked it. OK, I have another 2 bin bags to go through yet and there is some in the washing machine.

But this is most of the fabric stash. The pink and green boxes have clothes that will be recycled and the shoe boxes have odd bits and pieces that will probably be sewn in as surface decoration, should I ever get to grips with free motion embroidery.

The bags at the bottom have interfacing, upholstery squares and pillowcases and tank tops ready to be brought downstairs and made into totes.

This one is my craft corner. the box on top has felted woollens and the pillowcase and golf balls it takes to full a jumper. Then books, a shelf of broken jewellery and beads and craft equipment, tools and lots of little trays to use for individual project pieces.

It includes a wire jig, pliers, glue gun, polystyrene block for drying paper beads, templates,  lots of hair scrunchies, clippies and other pound shop trophies.

I also have smaller trug things for felting, ribbons and one full of the doings for sewing books and needle cases - my next project. There is also 20metres of brown paper for patterns, a carrier bag of elastic and, out of shot, tea bag paper for use as tearaway paper and three bags of jeans and other clothes for upcycling.

I also have a rucksack full of threads, scissors, pins and other sewing 'hardware'.

Question: Do you think I have enough, or do I need to collect more before I could sit down and actually sew things?

Seriously, I have a red basket full of soon to be totes, project 1, and a pink truglet full of sewing case materials, project 2, all ready to go. The rollaway under the bed is full of jeans. This will be project number 3, skirt tops, bags, coasters, oven mitts etc. Then the box of jumpers will be project number 4. I will need to cut patterns first then hats, scarflets and wrist warmers.

Then, when I have cleared the space, I can start on making a skirt or 2 for myself. Project 5 is pattern drafting a pencil skirt and an A line skirt.

But, if you are still reading, you know that I read and think more than I sew. Maybe I will review a couple of books before I start :D

Hopefully I will be back soon with something from Project 1.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Now... will this be the push I need?

Oh the lovely people on Craftsforum have put up their Summer Show competition here

So now I have the perfect excuse for getting off my laptop and onto the machine. I want to enter at least two of the classes:
Sing me a song
Out of the blue
Over the rainbow
Garden of delight
New from old

But maybe not the under 11 class, they may not believe me :D

New from old seems the obvious choice for me. Maybe a skirt from a shirt, a bag from a blouse, oh the list is endless.

So why am I still here? Cos this is what I do, I prevaricate rather than fabricate!