Sunday, 2 September 2012

2 in 2 days

So this morning I have folded and stacked and tucked away lots of interesting stuff. It is all under the bed or on top of the chest of drawers.... lurking!

Don't worry, nothing was injured or thrown away during the tidy up. The rest of it is still in the other bedroom, in a pile :D

I found some really good stuff that I have not looked at properly, stuff that came from car boots and Freegle. Next week, when the lawnmower man has built the cubes, I will remember to wind up the camera and take some really good piccies.

The best bit was finding the blackout curtain lining. I had wondered how to stop the edges of any folded fabrics from getting sunbleached. Now I know. I shall velcro the curtain lining to each cube. Easy to remove and no problem to do. I may even decorate it - eventually!

I suspect that I will prevaricate a while longer whilst I consider using piccies to catalogue what I have.  Oh but shall I sort by material, by colour, by possible end product....? Oh how complicated it all gets.

Meanwhile I have re-sorted all of my tools, beads, bits and bobs into the mushroom trays I have collected. It almost looks tidy now!

I shall be back next weekend with more tales of woe - or piccies of a very small victory :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oh the shame of it!

OK, I always knew that I would find actually making time to make things difficult. I am a college lecturer, I have a large garden, chickens and a weight loss habit to be gained. But how long is it since I last posted? Unforgiveable!

I had a delivery, 3 of these beauties. Each cube is 35cm in all directions. They are in the shed at the moment, waiting to be built! I have done all I can to get myself organised but it became painfully obvious that I had to do more if I was ever going to have the space to actually use my sewing machine and make something. That something turned out to be storage and organisation. So in a way my making journey gets a re-start here.

I have cleaned and oiled my sewing machine. Sorted out all my tools, replaced rusty bits and the tape measure my haste cut in half. All I have left now is a bedroom that I can't get into properly as I have dug out everything I had tucked away under beds, in corners etc. Who knew doing something that is so much fun could cause such chaos?

Over the next couple of weeks I will continue to explore the darkest recesses of boxes, bags and hidden bits. Some of it has been hanging around since the late 80s. I may find it hard to find the time to make and post as the first few weeks of term are always hectic, but I will make a real effort to get things moving.

I have also started a de-stashing programme. My thoughts journal is bulging, I have matched some materials with projects already and am desperately trying to control the urge to leap into something and wreck the material or my machine. I am not setting any deadlines but I fully intend to use up some of the less interesting fabrics on practice pieces, making pattern pieces etc, and to get rid of a lot of it.

Don't tell him on lawnmower duty, but as you all know, the only reason to de-stash is to make room to re-stash [:)]

I WILL make it..... lots of 'its'!!