Saturday, 4 January 2014

I am Resolved

OK, I don't do resolutions but I have had a thought, one that might force me into some sewing:

The Charity Shop Challenge

Wassat? Well, I already restrict myself to pre-owned stuff for my makes, mostly. So now I will only buy clothes from charity shops - not counting undies obviously.

I have been reading the Refashionista blog for a long time now and have finally decided that I could and should try out something similar.

So step one has been to clear out my wardrobe and I now have 2 pairs of jeans and 4 sets of workclothes to my name. That's it! Not even the celebrated 'capsule'. My aim is to keep on losing weight so I can't really buy new clothes, hence the Charity Shop Challenge. I'll have to buy stuff and refashion it to fit. Hopefully that will give me a lot of time to design, cut and sew and get much more skilled with my machine.

So that's it. I will investigate a new charity shop once a week or so and I will post about my finds and ideas here.