Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Now... will this be the push I need?

Oh the lovely people on Craftsforum have put up their Summer Show competition here

So now I have the perfect excuse for getting off my laptop and onto the machine. I want to enter at least two of the classes:
Sing me a song
Out of the blue
Over the rainbow
Garden of delight
New from old

But maybe not the under 11 class, they may not believe me :D

New from old seems the obvious choice for me. Maybe a skirt from a shirt, a bag from a blouse, oh the list is endless.

So why am I still here? Cos this is what I do, I prevaricate rather than fabricate!


  1. Get on the machine and get making!!

  2. Thanks Karen. I have just finished sorting stash and have a few projects lined up! It is summer again and I will get my mojo working this year. Feel free to poke me hard if I don't.

  3. Hi, I love your blog...you remind me a bit of me - I am often revamping old stuff....A bag from a skirt can work really well - I did this once with a very nice skirt I had when I was little. It worked out really well because the lining of the skirt became the lining of the bag, and the hole where my waist used to go became the top of the bag with a zip.....

    Thanks for your help on craftsforum :)

    Lucy x