Sunday, 30 June 2013

So much has happened... so little got done

So, promises, promises. Same old story, all talk and no sewing! Not a single post this year. That is just inexcusable, so I won't even try.

But I have been busy. I got a promotion, so that went really well!

And I carried on losing weight, I am now working on my third stone. But now none of my clothes fit me and I don't want to buy any more. What to do? Well, I have been scanning Pinterest, reading a lot of blogs and thinking. I'm off for summer so I have a new plan to get new clothes as cheaply as possible. I'll try refashioning them!

Yeah, right Stef!

I know. But I am all ready to go. I have some very large clothes that I don't mind wrecking. Others could be used as patterns, with some adjustment as they are also too big.

So, starting on Thursday, my new promise is to wind up my camera and make a new thing every week. Pictures, progress and tales of woe will follow!

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