Sunday, 23 December 2012

Let's get 2013 started properly

I know, it has been a bad end to my excited start for 2012. Still I have learned a lot:

Crafting: well that's such a dangerous world and I have no idea what my brilliant USP make will be. But the research has been amazingly good fun and I have met so many lovely people on Craft Forum I have joined in 2 secret makes, Easter Bunny and the current Secret Santa - I can barely stand the wait to see what I got! Stupidly I forgot to photograph what I sent out, ah well!

What I have definitely decided is that I will be recycling and upcycling regardless of what I end up making.

Sewing: well I still can't. I know I need a craft light as my eyes are just so badly focussed close up that I need all the help I can get. the Sewing Forum has been a great giggle, though I have read far more than I have posted. Who knew so many people made tutu's?

Again I have made a decision and I have bought a couple of books to help, already reviewed I think. I have one more to go, but will review it once I have used it. My decision is again to recycle all material and clothing and to trace existing clothing for patterns as much as possible. I have a few cheap tops that I intend to sew a skirt onto, like this (I wish).

So how do I make 2013 a much more productive year? I mean I have a promotion to contend with, an OH who needs TLC and I am still lacking in gumption and not particularly brimming with energy. Whatever I do I will also need to continue losing weight and get some exercise in - but that's another blog!

An art teacher friend has supplied me with a big black sketchpad for my journaling, fabric ideas one way round, non fabric the other (I have all of that jewellery stuff too, remember?). So I will be keeping a proper journal of my ideas. Hopefully that will be fun! I can use it alongside my e-notebook OneNote, that is where I keep all online ideas, links and pictures, as well as my Pinterest obsession.

Wotcha gonna do, Stef?
Immediately I have 3 ideas that will let me practice different sewing skills:
  • Bags from old things: Tops, shirts, jackets and pillowcases I bought over the year can all be made up into bags of different sizes and shapes. Hopefully I will come up with 2 or 3 simple enough patterns that I can size and use for almost anything I fall across when out scavenging. I think if I can turn the piles of stuff into piles of things I will feel better. Though I do have to admit that the piles of  'potential' are really exciting in themselves.
  • Hat, scarf and glove sets: I still love these. I have a few different shapes for the hats and enough old jumpers to really get to grips with different finishes. I am looking forward to that. I also have some jumpers that won't shrink in the wash. I will see what I can make out of them.
  • Brooches: scraps of material  with free motion machine embroidery. Well, I couldn't not do any jewellery at all, could I? It is where I started all those years ago! I have so much broken jewellery, buttons and bits that I think I could keep myself occupied for a few months on this alone. But it is the free motion embroidery I am most interested in.

 I will make more than I read, think, plan or wish!

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