Monday, 21 September 2015

All Change

Well! I did the Onion Fair and it was fun. I didn't sell much but did cover the table fee and paid for my lunch :)

I listened long and hard to the people who passed, many of whom were sewers. They liked the logo, liked the aprons but made their own of everything else. So they won't be my initial audience. Younger people liked the bright colours and took a card, many Nanas may be getting simple sewing items this Christmas - sorry!

But the most important thing was that I realised that I liked it and want to do more. So I will make another blog and I will separate my selling from my sewing, if you see what I mean. Here I will be starting a capsule wardrobe from scratch. That is drafting my own slopers, making my own clothes from new and refashioning second hand finds.

But as a teachery person (retired) I will find it really hard not to pass on all of the mistakes wisdom I gain from my attempts, so I will post about my Adventures in Sewing as I go!

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