Saturday, 11 February 2012

Birthday Bouquet

A colleague has decided that she loves the little flowers I have needle felted. As it is her birthday soon she has dropped one (un)subtle hint. So I have had a little stab or two this morning and completed a quartet of brooches for her.

The latest started life as a breakfast cereal box and ended up a bit pink!

I had also tried making little balls and stabbed them together into a sort of bobbly thing!  And I tried making a flower on a leaf - personally I think the leaf has more the look of a triceratop's frill, but I am assured it isn't that bad !

So.... here is the finished quartet. I hope you like it Vicky :)

Hopefully I will get on to the sewing machine this week as it is half term. I have a lot of things lined up to go!


  1. They are very pretty, she should be impressed. You make me want to get mine out and practice a little more. lol.

  2. But I am still not getting that sewing machine out.... yet more avoidance!