Thursday, 16 February 2012

Piglet Heaven

I hit a road of charity shops yesterday and sort of went a bit mad!

I left my name in 3, they are looking out semi rag woollies for me.

I spent about £30 (oops) and bought:
  • 5 woolly jumpers
  • 1 double duvet set
  • 1 set of curtains and tie backs
  • 8 place mats
  • 3 mini skirts
  • 2 woolly tweedy skirts, long, wrap overs
  • 6 bangles (handles to be)
  • 6 woolly mens scarves

So in order that's:
  • 5 more hat, scarflet and wrist warmer sets
  • loads of outers and linings for the bags I am not planning, the pillowcases are not pretty enough for summer dresses
  • Hats, scarf rings
  • Lots more storage cubes
  • 3 skirt bags
  • any number of lovely woolly things - to be decided (any help gratefully received)
  • handles
  • about 12 clutch bags or a few laptop bags

That reminds me I still need interfacing and fleece!

All cut off bits will be made into a variety of accessories. I saw some lovely hair clips this morning, teeny tiny and £8 each !!!!!!

So hair clips, pendants, cuffs, brooches, key charms, bag charms, page markers, glasses cases, pen cases, iphone/pad cases, pencil/needle wrap thingies and anything else I can think of.... unless you have any ideas of what to do with offcuts.

I hate to waste anything and am more than happy to sew the little bits together to make more material. I might even try out my arty side and make pretty things, pictures with free embroidery or even some weaving....

I'm off to load the washing machine with woollies and golf balls!

When it's all clean I shall take photies and start cutting!


  1. Want to see pictures of your haul!!!

  2. Hey - poke poke - I've just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my post to get the low down!