Saturday, 18 February 2012


Liebster Blog Award

I was a tad stunned to receive poke from Kat from With U in Mind.   She had decided to include me in her list of 5 small bloggers that inspire. Given that I am such a procrastinating blogger I was delighted that something I type and make makes someone smile! Thanks Kat xx

So there are some rules that go with this award. However they are nice rules. Not the kind that gives you urge to press the big red button saying 'please do not press'.

The rules for this award are:
1. You must link back to the person who gave it to you - yep, did that
2. Put the award on your blog - uh huh. Logo and link included
3. Pass it on to 5 other blogs who inspire you and have less than 200 followers  - ah!
4. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know - OK
5 blogs.... I don't really blog hop that much (she lies).

So here we go:

Dragonfly-Jersey you only have to look at my logo to know why. Sarah is so generous (and talented)

Handbags by Helen cos she makes great bags and laughs at my unsuccesful attempts not to leap in!

Amigurami Barmy well, you see bags and buttons.... they just fit. I don't know how Liz survives surounded by so many buttons and other crafty bitses...... I wouldn't be able to breathe!  I have updated this link, thanks Liz!!

Kayleigh's Homemade Life cos she has some great ideas and has been a bit quiet recently. Having nicked a couple of ideas I hope this says thanks!

The English Country Garden Steve's nan's recipes are great, I've made some, yum yum (and his wood stuff is brilliant too)

I'm now off to let them know... and set them the gnarly problem of picking 5 of their own!


  1. Thanks Stef unfortunatly the owner of Duttons is an old lady and she doesn't understang about blogs so she's asked me to stop posting on it. However I intend to have lots of button loveliness at my other blog

  2. Stef....Did you leave a message on my nothing came up.... am I too late to do something with this? xx

  3. Thanks for such a lovely mention. Meant to pass on for this weeks handmade Monday but the weekend seemed to fly by. Will do better this weekend and make sure I pass it on. In the meantime...... How's the bag making going?

  4. Oh Loody - Sarah has broken the chain, Sarah has broken the chain.....

    Never mind, no-one will notice and I won't tell!

    And I am not making anything at the moment - it is coursework time so I am marking like a loon. Late nights etc. I only have about another 14 hours to go, plus the job, sleep etc, before Monday morning's deadline.

    I'm eating tea at my desk and have just realised - I haven't sorted out tomorrow's lessons!!! Ooops!