Sunday, 29 January 2012

This WILL be the week

I get the table back tomorrow, the whole dining room in fact. So I shall be able to get on and do something.

I have added a couple of things to the make list -  the first is not quite straight line sewing but something I have done a lot of before:
  • Rain hats and summer hats - I think I have some material for both and the pattern is a doddle!
  • Door hanging organiser - old jeans and more of those squares of material samples I Freegled. This may be my first make, I need more space to shove things away
  • Roving organiser - like those bags for bottles of wine, but smaller, for felting wools and the other needle felting bitses and pieces - should stretch my ability to sew straight and make pockets! 
  • Some kind of jewellery organiser - for the broken beads and bits I am collecting. Clear pockets??? Or shall I just buy a tower of drawers?? I may continue with the organiser theme - one for each type of 'thing' in my ever growing stash!
  • Any bits of leftover material will be cut into petals and sewn into flowers - little teeny ones for page markers to be glued to strips of fused plastic bags
  • Book ends - no not sewn ones. Old exercise video cases glued to old DVDs to make bright book ends for my desk at work
My camera is charged and I am ready to go - tomorrow when I get back from work!

The door organiser will have to be 3 or 4 pockets wide. Tab topped to hang off some dowling or a curtain pole. On one side there will be some belt loops for hanging scissors through. The bottom could have a couple of loops with poppers, to hang separate pockets/bags of makes in progress.

I can almost see it now! I will have to draw it up and start collecting the materials for it! Not forgetting heavy duty needles and thread for the machine!


  1. You're gonna be sooo busy you won't have time to blog. Pics of everything as you complete them please. Hope your table is OK when it comes back.

    1. I wondered about the table comment, Carol... then re-read my post! It didn't go anywhere, it is just being used by Mike to sit and net crawl at. He tends to spread out, with laptop, magazines and books. We realy need an extra room!