Sunday, 1 January 2012

First make of the year

Happy New Year to you all!

I got quite excited yesterday and decided to try to make something with a little bit of 3Dness. So I grabbed one of the hooks I use to hang the ratties hammocks to use as a shape...

I started to stab some roving into it

They look much less clunky than the one I made yesterday. I like the way they look quite fragile, you can see through them in some places.

Then I simply stabbed it together, I left the tail ends almost completely un-needled on each petal. I also needled some of the petals together a little to give it a slightly cupped shape.

Now I need to shuffle through my box of bits and see if I can find a bead or a button for the centre (possibly) and to decide how I will finish it - hair slide or brooch or save it until I can think of something else.

This is fun. It took 2 1/2 Judge Judys to find the bits, think about it, make and photograph it. So I doubt I could make a living doing this, but it is fun and feels creative(ish).


  1. Ah. Thats how you did it, I did wonder. I have just found a gingerbread shaped cutter and have some beige roving so that will be my next thing.

  2. Have fun Carol. It seems to be addictive. I have some blue shades I want to play with. I'm just sat wondering what to do... grape hyacinths possibly!?!

  3. What a lovely flower :) Ive always wondered how such things are made.

  4. Hi Stef

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