Sunday, 15 January 2012

W/B 20th January: things to do

I am getting properly sorted now. OH has gone back to work so I have the kitchen table back!

My resolution for the week is to get my ideas book out and to go through my material stash and designate a project for each piece.

I need to stay neat and tidy so I must be ruthless. I will Freegle anything I don't immediately like! Honest!!

I also have to make a couple of trips down into the cellar! We had a tidy and threw a lot of stuff down there. The idea was that if we didn't miss it we would get rid of it. Unfortunately someone got carried away and just put everything down there. So my brand new, never been opened bag of brooch backs is down there somewhere - and I need them NOW! It's just as well he works away!

I want to be sorted before I start car booting again. I need to reduce the impulse buys and go with more of an idea of what I want to buy/make. I now know my sewing skills are sadly diminished so I will be looking at straight line projects like these:
  • Plastic bag holders: easy tubes with elastic at each end (French seams hopefully)
  • Square bags with some decoration: buttons, needle felt or a photo (I have never even opened the clever paper I bought)
  • Girls skirts into bags: linings with and without pocketses
  • Skirts into pinnies: well, the idea seems simple in my head!
  • Jumpers into scarflet, wrist warmer, hat sets (well I do already have the pattern sketched out!)
  • draft excluders: but I'd need to think about the stuffing!
I think that'll do for now....
So, the camera is on charge and I have tidied the table..... tomorrow night I shall start sorting!

Unless of course work gets in the way! I do have a bit of marking left to finish - oops!


  1. Oooh - can't wait for the booties to start up again - love 'em.

    Also at the bootie, look out for cheap garments that have a good sets of buttons you can cut off; old jewellery you can take apart for the beads and knitted items that you can unpick to re-use the yarn.

    Two ideas for fillings for draft excluders: old tights; inners of old pillows or cushions, or you could buy a large pillow from the '£1 shop' which will give you loads of cheap stuffing.

  2. I have added old cushions and the pound shops to my list of things to remember. Thank you!