Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last make of the year

Though it is not as if I made much during 2011 I thought I would end on a high.

It started with Secret Santa. My first thought was Cookies (said in that voice). Then, after reading Carol on UKCraftforum I had a rethink - thanks Carol.

So here I was and there was Carol, making pretty felt pictures.

So I grabbed my needle pen and some roving and started punching.

Ignore the threads, I wanted to show the shape as it came off the brush. Then I added a second colour to the middle and a couple of stamen things. I added a couple of beads, left them a little bit dangly so there would be a bit of movement, and finally added a button.

So now I have to decide what to do with it. I thought either a brooch or a hairslide!

I know I still need to tidy up the back of things, but I was focussing on not stabbing my fingers and not breaking the needles on the metal cookie cutter.

Sadly this is not upcycled or recycled, but I enjoyed it and it has given me some good ideas for easy embellishment of some soon to be crafted stuff.

I hope you like it, it was fun, quick and easy to do so I have no excuse now!

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  1. They are nice cutters. Mine are the bog standard crincly edged ones, looks like I have to go shopping. I have just responded to you on CF. Happy New Year to you.