Sunday, 18 December 2011

How to set aside time to craft...

Oh how hard that has been for me this year!

I spent all summer investigating, googling, collecting ideas in my onenote thingy and contemplating. Not to mention spending about £100 on my start up kit. Heart breaking really as I was simply re-purchasing all the bitses and bobses I used to own and use regularly.

I began to talk to my sewing machine, to draw up designs in my thought book (a posh little book cover bought years and years ago that has been patriently waiting for a purpose). I was all fired up and excited... then September came and, what with lesson planning, marking, Open days/Evenings, parent evenings and all the rest of it, I was glad OH was home to look after the chickens, I have had so little time.

I get home utterly shattered and, what with a dodgy back and CFS linked to 14 syllables of anaemia, I just flake out. And yes I know that isn't a good idea - my day job is sport science!!!

So... I am now planning 2 new things, craftuing time and getting fit and thinner time! Hopefully the exercise stuff will be in the mornings - a benefit of having chickens is you have to get up early. Craft stuff can be evenings and bits of the weekend.

But all of that means I have to do all of the day job within daylight hours - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

But I will, I will, I will........


  1. I am with you in the Fit and Thinner area. Going to be a hard New Years Resolution as I want to stick to it this year. Perhaps we should all get together and help each other. As for the rest, how about a 36 hour day, would that help.

  2. Hope you don't mind me blog stalking haha.

    I know the feeling with time issues, I can never find any time during the day with kiddo, school runs and housework. So my crafty time tends to be after 7pm when I can hole up on my bed, close the door and stick on a movie. Then nothing gets made because I fall asleep on my sketch book.

    Roll on getting a craft corner set up so that I can work whilst kiddo plays on an evening.

  3. Stalk away!

    I need to find that regular time. I know I can....

  4. Ok I will hehe.

    And we both will, we'll have to share time making tips. Samoa did it, I just heard on the news that they removed a day so they're ahead of Australia instead of behind. As a bonus, only half of the islands changed timezone, so technically travel in the right direction and you add hours to the day.

    Wish I could do that, I'd love just an hour or two more.