Sunday, 4 December 2011


Odd what happens when the real job kicks back in!

4th September was the day before term started and I haven't posted since. Nor have I crafted a thing!!

But I have found a new task... repairing colleagues jewellery! I have been inundated with broken pieces to mend and have been busily cannabilising my own junk stocks for jump rings etc.

Like an eejit I neglected to memorialise my efforts in print! But it has been eye blistering fun. I now know I need a magnifying light thingy!! I shall do a bit of research and post that here, as I get on with it. I feel a late crismas pressie looming!

I shall probably not get back here this year. But I have a corking New Year's Ressie.... make proper ME time! That will include weight loss, fitness levels and, most importantly of all, crafting time!!



  1. Welcome back. I am with you on the weight loss, maybe we can all help each other.

  2. I'll probably make a new blog with lots of calculators, diaries and ideas on it! THAT I can do as it has long been part of the day job - not that I practice what I preach :)