Saturday, 23 June 2012

Freegle collection - photos later

Oh how I love freegle!

I put out a shout 2 weeks ago for bits and pieces of material and 'stuff' and got a single reply! Oh dear, I thought, how disappointing. Worse, I couldn't make the date I suggested to pick up the stuff offered and felt like a heel. Fortunately the nice lady emailed me back and offered to leave it out for me to pick up today.

Well.... I am gobsmacked - and you will be when I get it all sorted! Buttons, jewellery, curtains an old woolly kilt and an amazing coat from Afghanistan - very colourful and lined, even after 30 years of life in a bag, I think!

I'll be washing and thinking over the week. It is all lovely and clean but, like much of my own stash, has that stored smell (which is nice, like old books, but probably won't sell well) so photos and ideas for it all will be up soon.

But I have to say, Freegle helps you meet the most amazingly generous people (or not quite meet, if you see what I mean).

Hopefully I'll get more over summer - my ideas list has growed like Topsy!


  1. ooooh never heard of freegle... sounds intriguing, i will check it out!

    have fun with all your new treasures :) x

  2. There are 2 of them, Freegle and Freecycle. Just Google them and then search for your local sites. You'll soon see how useful (and addictive) it can get offering and wanting loads of stuff. I decluttered the house when we moved using them and am now refilling it... not sure I got the hang of that :D

  3. How nice for you. I absolutely love rummaging through someone elses remnant bag, It is sooo exciting and the brain works overtime all the time you are doing it. lol.

  4. I love fabric, too - old or new. I got some very big curtains with a jolly stripy design, and they are now curtains for my bathroom, a table cloth and six cushions covers for the garden table and chairs, and a cube shaped bag for keeping the table cloth and cushions in when it is raining (that'll be most of the time, then..)

    Freegle is fantastic - and run democratically from the UK. Freecycle is a US based network.


  5. The Afghani coat sounds very interesting. Bet it's got a story to tell. What are your ideas for all this treasure. Sounds fantastic.