Sunday, 10 June 2012

Oh my how time flies

And I have done so little with it! Well, I have been beavering away in the day job, suffering from a horrendous sore throat and loss of voice (yet again). I shall be ready for my holidays! I may even get to the gym on a regular basis rather than the once a week I have been managing!

So I am having another go at procrastinating and putting off until next year what could be done today!

I have been doing a little bit of stuff (mainly gardening so not being put here, I have another blog for that!) and here it is:

I took this material and cut out the flowers for a later project.

Then I sat, snuffling, and grabbed glue, thread, buttons and some hair clips and made these.

I shall be sorting out all my stash now - it is escaping and I can't spot what I need. So I'll spend a weekend doing that - must get some shelving first thoug (see, I put anything off!).

I picked up some great material from a car boot, Laura Ashley bed set and curtain material for a fiver. Oh I have to do something great with that! 

Pictures of sorted stash will follow, when I have it all washed, ironed and sorted.


  1. Those hair clips are so cute! Up-cycling at its best :) I am much more of a glue gun girl at its quick, I have no patience when it comes to seeing the finished product. Hope you are well


  2. Know how you feel. Have spent most of the day sortin my fabric!