Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Car Boot sort of day

Well, I know it will sound daft but I've only ever been to a couple of car boot sales before and never very early! I read about the Hempstead sale and emailed the markets officer asking if it would be OK to sell home crafted goods and she said yes - so this morning I went and had a look!

At 6.30 am I got into the car and drove off. It was a lovely morning and I had the top down, sunnies on and I was singing along to the summer car tape - all 80s, Bangles and similar sunny stuff.

When I got there it was a bit quiet, there are 2 other big do's on this weekend. So I had a slow wander and chatted to a couple of people. I was struck by the rudeness of a couple of blokes who were wandering round. Whenever they got to someone who was obviously having an attic clear out they said, very loudly "and that's crap"... odd I thought!

By 7.00 I was eating the nastiest bacon roll I have ever had, the coffee was OK though!

More people had arrived and I was transfixed watching the newly arrived stall holders getting mobbed. I am not going to cope with that very well!

I decided to follow the mob rather than join in. I said 'good morning' to everyone and commiserated on their mobbing. Every one of them helped me rummage through their stall for 100% wool things and one lady handed me a bowl of beads and bangles that I wasn't really looking for. She thought I could use them for decoration and sold the lot to me for a pound!

So I bought 6 woolly jumpers, a bowl of beads and bangles and a tray of seed pots (don't ask). I shall take photo's of what happened next.

When enough has happened I shall go and sell some. But I think I will need to think long and hard about how to manage being mobbed!

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