Thursday, 28 July 2011

My first make

So, I spent weeks looking at other people's work. Just what can you do with old plastic bags?

The answer seems to be "Just about anything you want to Stef!"

So I grabbed a bag, a button, a bit of material, a safety pin, some wire and a needle and cotton. The wire, a sample from a specialist supplier was the only new thing used, oh, and the thread!

I fused my first bag, not too hard, didn't smell much either. I cut some petally shapes and sewed the wire round the edges then sewed the button on. That was my first mistake!

I should have sewn the safety pin to the scrap material then sewed both it and the button on. It would still have covered the centre and wire ends back and front, but would have been much easier and looked neater! Hey ho! Next time!

It took 2 hours and is poorly stitched and a bit too messy, that and it is black and a bit too big for a brooch! I may use it as a bag charm and see what comments I get!

I think I will continue with jewellery and bag charms, they are quick and easy to make with ust a little bit of plastic. But I don't want to stick with that - I have other ideas that I want to explore!

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