Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jumper to Scarflet

OK, I will admit that I sewed the button holes in the wrong place, so I had to turn the scarflet round and add a third button to make it sit nicely on the neck. But I quite like it.

I felted a couple of jumpers I bought at the car boot sale. I had intended to make a matching set of a pair of wrist warmers, a hat and a scarflet from one jumper, possibly with a small bag/purse if I had enough of the neck left.

Sadly I got carried away and used the sleeve ends in the scarflet! Never mind. I'll get it right next time!

This one is 4" x 21". It is quite narrow. I might increase the size next time, 4.5" x 21" perhaps. I want it to sit inside the collar of a coat or under a jumper and just poke out keeping the neck warm. Yet more thinking, measuring and placing of patterns to make sure I get the most of a single jumper!

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