Thursday, 28 July 2011

Scarf to Bag

Scarf (preferably lined)
Ball of string
Cottons: matching + contrasting
Sewing machine
Makes 2 - 3

1. Cut off one end of the scarf, to the depth required for the bag plus c.8cm for flaps.
2. Fold depth required plus 3cm.
3. Iron the 3cm extra down as inside flap (this shows the lining when opened but is hidden by outside flap when closed).
4. Iron top flap down.
5. Sew up each side of the bag, right way out, with matching cotton. Body of bag only, not the top flap.

1. Take 3 lengths of string, as long as you want the handle to be. I used the matching cotton.
2. Select zig zag stitch that is wide enough to pass over the width of one piece of string. I found that the button hole feature on my machine worked perfectly. Place one piece of string under the foot and sew. You will need to guide the string and it is possible to pull back a bit of you miss a bit!
3. Repeat for the other two pieces of string.
4. Change to a contrasting colour thread and select a wider zig zag stitch, I used an overhem stitch because it looked more random on the finished handle.
4. Sew the handle into the body of the bag. I chose to sew through both sides of the bag as I wanted to be sure it didn't pull the material. I put in 3 rows of matching stiches and then X'd it too!

I will need to re-think the placement of the handles and whether it needs a proper closure. The string ends up quite stiff. I may use ribbons and other odds and ends next time: sew over and twist as you go!

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